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Updates Weekend hotfix — V1033 Community Test
Weekend hotfix — V1033 Community Test

Is it me or are these patches rolling out faster and faster?Another hotfix out on the Community Test beta branch as we keep getting closer to the official V1033 release!❓ How to join the Community Test beta branchRight-click GROUND BRANCH in your Steam Library and select Properties…Click BETAS on the left-hand list menuSelect 'communitytest - Community testing branch' from the drop-down menuSteam will begin downloading the files for the new testing branch.? Where to report bugsYou can report bugs and issues using any of these methods: The in-game Bugs & Issues screen (press [Esc] once in-game and look along the top menu) The Steam forums: The #bug-reports channel on the official GROUND BRANCH™ DiscordYour reports help us locate and fix issues faster, so keep them coming!Patch notes Added door handles to shoothouse doors (The Farm) Fixed up lighting in Paintball Further small tweaks to dawn/dusk light sensitivity and global skylight settings Added keybind for Spectator Mode night vision mode (still investigating why not working) RESET DEFAULT button in Settings › Video now resets both basic and advanced settings Bots should now respawn in new rounds in Deathmatch Updated Last Man Standing missions to mirror all current Deathmatch missions Fixed missed Distance Field Ambient Occlusion (DFAO) value in quality settings; this should fix unlit interior areas being overly brightShimmering foliageWith the ongoing process of tuning and trying different combinations of settings to fix/improve various aspects of lighting, the shimmering foliage artifact (especially noticeable in grass) is present again in this build. There's no need to report it—we'll continue to look for a fix that doesn't cause issues elsewhere.Enjoy the weekend, everyone!
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