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Updates Build Update #041: Patch V1033.1 + SALE! 30% OFF on the Steam Spring Sale
Build Update #041: Patch V1033.1 + SALE! 30% OFF on the Steam Spring Sale

It's never a bad day for a patch and a discount in our book, so we're putting those two things together to add just a bit of razzle-dazzle to your ThursdayTongueatch V1033.1 is now available, and GROUND BRANCH is 30% OFF on the Steam Spring Sale until March 23rd! Consider grabbing your discount copy straight from us so we get the full cut of the sale! Head over to the {LINK ENTFERNT}GB Store and use code SPRING2023 at the checkout.› Please note our store requires a PayPal account and is USD-only, so there's no regional pricing.We have also put together a little V1033 launch trailer — sure, it's a little late, but it's pretty slick and done just in time to help promote the sale a bitTongueatch notes⛔ IMPORTANT: CLEAR YOUR OLD FILESIf you are coming from V1032 or have not downloaded a Community Test build in a while, you need to delete all contents in the following locations (copy-paste these paths into your File Explorer address bar and hit Enter): %LOCALAPPDATA%\GroundBranch\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor Documents\GroundBranch⚠️ Not doing so will cause various asset and input issues in your game, and may impact performance.Audio Fixed missing M24 reload sound Fixed missing PMM slide sound effects Fixed, rearranged and renamed Audio settings: "Channels" renamed to Channel Configuration "HRTF" option renamed to Spatial (HRTF) and moved to the more appropriate Channel Configuration menu "Dynamic Range" renamed to Audio Mix Renamed options in the Audio Mix menu to reflect the settings (explained in the [?] tooltip) Added warning dialog when switching to Surround 5.1 or Surround 7.1 Occlusion update and audio mixes updated? Broken sounds? Make sure you got your audio settings rightDue to the audio overhaul in V1033, a number of players are having issues with missing sounds or bad directional audio.To avoid this issue, please make sure you're using the correct Channel Configuration for your hardware in Settings › Audio. For most players, this should be either Stereo 2.1 or (if you're using headphones) Spatial (HRTF).If you have Surround 5.1- or Surround 7.1-compatible hardware and drivers, please ensure that these are enabled in your system/software if you intend to use either setting in-game.Gameplay and UX Changed "Reticle Brightness Up/Down" actions (default Home and End keys) to only affect reticle brightness when aiming down sights (ADS), and only affect the AN/PEQ-15's IR Illuminator mode (wide flood vs. focused beam) when that is toggled on Fixed votes that pass instantly (when they shouldn't) and voting widgets that don't disappear when the vote is done Hostage Rescue: fixed hostage players being able to use radio if they started using it before being assigned the hostage role Set it so Breaching Charges don't damage restrained hostages (possibly temporary fix for exploit where hostages are held against doors to block them) Increased vaulting/climbing height from 125 cm to 140 cm (helps with some areas that previously allowed it, like the subway platforms in City) Changed default Bolt Action setting to "Manual" (Settings › Controls) Fixed up doors and ladders: Fixed issue where AI would abort door or ladder usage without removing themselves as a user Tweaked door and ladder code to remove issues with lists not being up to date or called out of order etc. Fixed possible crash related to occupier or user being killed between initial validation and sort Optimization to stop AI attempting to move onto navmesh when they are already on the navmesh AI will abort using doors on spotting players Fixed possible crash if user or their pawn somehow became invalid during the function call Fixed UGBKitFunctionLibrary::KitDump() thinking rejected valid .json objects and accepting invalid ones — possibly a crash fix Updated Character class: added validity checks, optimized and fixed log spam about client-side authoritive item Resurrect command: Added res to DefaultZooKeeper.ini as valid command and default command for admins Added logging and client messages that handle one or all players in one place (greatly reduces log spam) Changed usage of GetActorEyesViewPoint() to GetPlayerViewPoint(), to get proper viewpoint even for spectators Fixed death location not being used when determining nearest player Ignores newly spawned characters when considering them for res near (thus ignoring characters probably spawned by resurrect) Uses bottom of capsule when using character as res location as it is closer to the navmesh (should help reduce chances of thinking navmesh above is close then one at same level) Attempts 5 different distances in 6 different directions Does a quick collision check against ECC_WorldDynamic and ECC_WorldStatic to make sure they don't spawn behind a wall or similar Fixed "First To X" and "Play Until Win X" match types behaving like "Play X" typesMaps747 Cleaned up some ladder and cover issues Added ability to get into open catering truckCity Updated City and City (Streets) Terrorist Hunt missions to move AI out of a van Updated soundscape, obstruction and occlusion settings Fixed light portal issue Fixed skylight staying on when you spawn in subway tunnels Cleaned up some reflection capture issues Fixed a few meshes culling out too earlyCompound Set directional lights Transition Fraction to default (0.1) to remove sharp transition line Reduced intensity of opacity mask dithering on grass billboards Enabled dynamic shadows on a few crop meshesDepot Fixed spawn protection zone in Hostage Rescue mission overlapping into garage ground floor Updated warehouse door to avoid colliding with geometry Slightly tweaked AI navmesh and extended it over beach area Added stack up locations to several doors to help AI navigate them better Improved the look of backdrop building windows at night Remade a backdrop building that was using unique textures; uses existing ones now Added billboard LODs to gorse bushesDocks Added blocking volumes around water areas Added water physical material to ocean Fixed a few collision problemsRun Down Updated navmesh slightly and regenerated cover due to changesSmall Town Removed navblocks from Terrorist Hunt mission (was causing weird AI pathing) Reworked audio (WIP)Storage Facility Fixed bad spawns in DTAS mission Navmesh cleaned up and extended over to spawn area Blocked areas such as the cliffs, out-of-bounds sections and on top of blocking volumes Added billboard LODs to gorse bushes Fixed bad spawn(s) in train car (Deathmatch and Last Man Standing missions)Tanker New door textures Fixed gaps in hull Fixed collision issues Material tweaks, including tweaking roughness on exterior and interior materials to reduce how shiny they are Decreased contrast of DFAO as areas on deck became really dark at sunset Tweaked placement of seagullsReady Room Removed reflection captures to fix bad character lighting in shadowsInventory Created Black and FDE MK17 CQC/DMR magazine items Fixed Rail Adapter being offset on the SVD Fixed fire selector switch not being properly skinned on the Wz.88 Removed "invisible" iron sights from M24UI Fixed being able to click on another server by accident after filling in password Fixed sorting servers by password or favorite Updated visuals for After-Action Reports (AAR) and Match Info board UI elements Added logic to hide "[YOUR TEAM]" tag on the AAR for PvE modes Changed color of "Invite Friends" button icon from yellow to GB green Customize Operator screen: minor update to hover/pressed appearance of various item slots and entries, highlighted "Profile" (player name) slot further, and slightly tweaked "Patches" slot paddings Minor style pass on Settings › Audio menu Cleaned up and improved various tooltip texts Consistency style/formatting pass on a few UI elements: vote pop-up, Match Info board and travel failure dialog Changed Spectator Mode's minimap blips to use palette colors Updated Vote dialog: limited max height and added text clipping property to prevent massive text strings/spam breaking the design Quick visual pass on Match Info board widgets to hopefully look a little better Quick visual pass on Mission Clock widget UI/UX cleanup on Settings › Video to account for changes Changed advanced video setting "Shadow Precision" to "Shadow Quality" to better represent what it doesSettings Enabled r.SeparateTranslucency again as it wasn't saving any performance Removed Shadow Distance Scale from settings as it was also controlled in main shadow settings Small tweaks to TAA settings to be more appropriate options Made sure Distance Field Ambient Occlusion (DFAO) is enabled for "Low" Shadow Quality Further tweaks to scalability settings so Shadow Quality on "Low" looks a little nicer Renamed advanced video setting "Light Shaft Quality" to "Light Shafts" to better reflect its on/off choice Added logic to ensures Screen Space Reflections (SSR) are only used with TAA or DLAA Ensured Screen Space Global Illumination (SSGI) advanced video settings only work when SSGI is enabled Updated DLSS menu to only show supported modes instead of prompting whenever a bad mode is selected Ensure Anti-Aliasing (AA) is disabled while DLSS is enabled Cleaned up console variables in DefaultEngine.ini that were also controlled in DefaultScalability.ini Cleaned up/removed all scalability-related settings from advanced video settings (superfluous and/or ambiguous)VFX Tweaked bird flock radius: reduce its size and increased the attraction radius to keep the birds properly flocking Tweaked NVG effect to make pixel noise more uniform and not distributed in separate bars Ensured bullet impact VFX enabled for standalone and listen server ("Host Game") hosts? Known issues The Resurrect command appears to work only via console; we recommend typing admin res all in console to quickly resurrect everyone where they died (alternatively, res near works in all places) Issues with kit in Hostage Rescue mode are still being worked on, and very occasional spawning errors still occur Weapon restrictions don't always work for related reasonsThis has been Build Update #041!Let us know how this patch works — we got at least one more coming before the whole team has moved on to work on V1034. As always, thanks for your feedback and support, and we'll see you on the next update!Stay connected{LINK ENTFERNT}Discord / {LINK ENTFERNT}Steam Community Hub / {LINK ENTFERNT}Reddit / Twitter / Instagram / Facebook
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