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Updates Build Update #042: Hotfix for Patch V1033.1
Build Update #042: Hotfix for Patch V1033.1

Build Update #042 is a little hotfix update to fix some immediate issues discovered and/or introduced in yesterday's V1033.1 patch, with a few other fixes thrown in the mix.⏰ Reminder: GROUND BRANCH is 30% OFF on the Steam Spring Sale until March 23rd! is our last planned sale while Early Access lasts, so this is as cheap as the game will get for the foreseeable future. Don't miss the chance to snag some gift keys or convince some of your buddies to hop aboard the tacticool train. Your support keeps the development of GROUND BRANCH going!? Consider buying from the store!Please consider grabbing your discount copy straight from our website so we get the full cut of the sale! Head over to the {LINK ENTFERNT}GB Store and use code SPRING2023 at the checkout.› Please note our store requires a PayPal account and is USD-only, so there's no regional pricing.Patch notes⛔ IMPORTANT: Clear your old config filesIf you are coming from V1032, have not played V1033 in a while, or are having issues with settings/graphics/audio, you need to delete all contents in the following locations (copy-paste these paths into your File Explorer address bar and hit Enter): %LOCALAPPDATA%\GroundBranch\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor Documents\GroundBranch⚠️ Not doing so will cause various asset and input issues in your game, and may impact performance. Updated Depot: Fixed not being able to climb out of between train cars right next to platform (in front of the munitions building) Fixed building decal extending past roof line Set directional light's Transition Fraction to default (0.1) to remove sharp shadow transition line Updated Docks: Added missing stairs and door to one of the buildings Fixed floating pallets Added missing AI navlinks to one of the warehouses Tweaked AI navmesh Regenerated AI covers Fixed light switch in Storage Facility being dark/unlit Big cleanup of video settings: made sure settings apply correctly, fixed incorrect "restart required" prompt for settings that don't require restarting the game, re-enabled SSR when using DLSS, and more Improved the handling of light and laser activation when playing online, most noticeable when double-tapping to leave them constantly on (should no longer be finicky) Fixed issue with MK25 reload animation Adjusted vote map button (on the Match Info board in the Ready Room) to fit text better and break lines if too long Removed Ready Room prototype level from builds Various under-the-hood fixes and improvementsStay connected{LINK ENTFERNT}Discord / {LINK ENTFERNT}Steam Community Hub / {LINK ENTFERNT}Reddit / Twitter / Instagram / Facebook
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