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Updates Release Notes for 3/24/2023
Release Notes for 3/24/2023

[]- Fixed common asserts.- Removed Trade-Up contract UI for Limited Test.- Fixed multiple items showing up in the inspect panel.[]- Use correct audio device name when user picks "default" device.- Added weapon drop sounds to minimap distance broadcast.- Lowered volume of some dust2 ambience.- Added some missing ui sounds.- Lowered volume of flashbang ringing and volume ducking effect.- Reduced stereo spread of grenade explosions.- Fixed phasing with deathmatch kill bonus sound.[]- Fixed various game crashes.- Smoke bullet holes are now fixed relative to the firstperson camera.- Smoke grenades dropped in small crevices no longer detonate on the incorrect side of thin walls.- Players can no longer pick up weapons while dead during a competitive match.- Fixed dropping weapons during the team intro.- Fixed +voicerecord getting stuck on when held during team intro and released after.- Chat messages sent during end of match no longer show players as *DEAD* if they were dead at the end of the last round.- Fixed handling game input keys such as +voicerecord while panorama has focus.- Added netgraph.[]- Fixed flickering with MSAA.- Fixed smoke cloud volume lighting.- Fixed stencil issue on glass when MSAA is disabled.- Updated various weapon finishes based on community feedback.
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