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Updates Release Notes for 3/31/2023
Release Notes for 3/31/2023

[NETWORKING]- Multiple network optimizations.- The player lister in private matchmaking should no longer mix CS:GO and CS2 players together if they use the same private matchmaking pool code.[UI]- Added Defuse Kit to team equipment display.- Scoreboard - Various font and style changes- Adjusted voting panel to more closely match other UI [VISUALS]- Continued physically based rendering (PBR) compatibility adjustments to stickers:-- Brightened some sticker styles for better contrast-- Added some functionality to support fine-tuning individual items in future content adjustments.- Adjusted some main menu and end of round animations to reduce interpenetration of weapons and character models.- Various improvements to character models.- Continued improvements to inspect/reload behavior.[DUST II]- Various adjustments to clipping and materials.- Sealed rooftops to prevent grenades/molotovs from landing in places they shouldn't.[MISC]- Restored functionality for adding/removing bots while playing offline.- Restored spray menu functionality.- Restored radio command functionality.- Fixes for various crashes.
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