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Updates Small hotfix for V1033.2
Small hotfix for V1033.2

We wanted to get out a quick hotfix for a few gameplay issues introduced in the V1033.2 release from a few days ago. CONTROLLER SUPPORT created controllers icons for Gamepad_LeftX, Gamepad_LeftY, Gamepad_RightX & Gamepad_RightY updated DefaultInput.ini ensured controller shift and ctrl modifiers are bound. ensured default controller bindings that use modifiers only use the shift and ctrl modifiers by defaults. updated widgets related to key and controller binding added input events to catch mouse, gamepad left stick and face button down key events. now be possible to bind to mouseX/Y, left stick X/Y and A button again. ensured "Unbound" is displayed instead of "None" for a key that is not bound. updated bind overlays to set the existing key so that cancelling out shows a valid key instead of unbound. updated game pad bind overlay to hide modifiers that are not currently bound to a button. added "X to cancel" message when binding buttons. added warning dialogue that pops up if a controller modifier is cleared while still in use.GAMEPLAY fixed bad laptop on aircraft stairs in SE apron in 747 Intel Retrieval added warning to kit restrictions UI to inform users that skins may additionally be permitted for fallback items defined in default loadout .kit files updated text for kit restrictions warning about default loadout files rejigged admin kit restrictions widget again to fix some text and change tooltip to GB versionAs always, please let us know if and when issues arise and thank you for your continued support!
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