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Updates GROUND BRANCH is 25% OFF on the Steam Autumn Sale!
GROUND BRANCH is 25% OFF on the Steam Autumn Sale!

We know. We said we wouldn't do it again until the game's actual release, or at least that we weren't planning to.But believe it or not, Valve begged us to do it. They said, "the Tactical Shooter section of the sale won't be complete without GROUND BRANCH. Please." And then, folks, the begging turned into veiled threats of shadowbanning the game in the Steam store. When they eventually threatened to release Half-Life 3 as a mobile game, we finally succumbed.(This is mostly a joke. Valve, please let us stay.), you read that right: after 8 long months at full price, GROUND BRANCH is on sale again — a sweet 25% OFF until November 28. And since we're getting closer and closer to another major update (expect a new Intel Report this week!), this is as good a time as any to jump aboard the tactical realism train and start giving it a whirl before V1034 drops.? Consider buying from the store!Please consider grabbing your discount key straight from our website so we get the full cut of the sale! Head over to the {LINK ENTFERNT}GB Store and use code GBFALL23 at the checkout.➤ Please note our store requires a PayPal account and is US dollar-only, so there's no regional pricing.So there you go! Whether or not you already own GROUND BRANCH, remember to let your friends know about the sale and maybe even consider buying an extra copy or two to gift them. We're near the holiday season, after all ?Enjoy the sale, everyone!
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