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Updates V1034 Community Test: Update #05
V1034 Community Test: Update #05

We've been working hard on GROUND BRANCH V1034, and today we got another Community Test update for you!Patch notes after the usual instructions:❓ How to join the Community Test beta branchRight-click GROUND BRANCH in your Steam Library and select Properties…Click 'BETAS' on the left-hand list menuSelect 'communitytest - Community testing branch' from the drop-down menu(no password required)Steam will begin downloading the files for the testing branch. Patching may take a while.? Where to report bugsYou can report bugs and issues using any of these methods: The in-game Bugs & Issues screen (press Esc once in-game and look along the top menu) The Steam forums: The #bug-reports channel on the official GROUND BRANCH™ DiscordYour reports help us locate and fix issues faster, so keep them coming!Known issues? These issues are known to still be present: Recoil is currently unclamped, meaning sustained automatic fire will eventually clip weapons into the character; this also affects weapon sway in low stamina Enemy AI may be unresponsive/idle/stuck in various contexts — if you see it, please make note of whether it was online (dedicated server? Listen server?) or offline, which game mode was being played, as well as map and location etc.⚠️ Bots are particularly prone to getting stuck in doorways; we're actively working on fixing/improving this issue. Weapon movement, poses and animations in general are still being put back together after the prone overhaul — please bear with us Walking or running with a primary weapon equipped causes the character's right foot to "hover" before it actually touches the ground The prone stance does not conform to terrain angle Aiming (ADS) is offset with pistols while crouch-leaning (particularly to the left) Character and weapon collision while prone is pretty finicky! Let us know how it all feels to you The Tablet (map) is currently offset to the bottom while crouched, and unusable while prone Various combinations of hairstyles and headgear items have visible clipping or overall jankiness AI bots are still not hooked up to the Deathmatch game mode
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