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Updates Patch 0.217.46 (Public Test)
Patch 0.217.46 (Public Test)

⚠️ Note: This update is for the Public Test branch of Valheim only, and may therefore be unstable!Prior to launching this update to the Default version of the game, we want to have a chance to discover bugs and fine-tune the balancing to ensure the best game experience.ACCESS: Right-click Valheim in your Steam library, then select ‘Properties’. In the new window, select ‘Betas’ and type in the code “yesimadebackups”. The Public Test branch should now be available for you to select. The PTB FAQ can be found here.FEEDBACK: Please leave any feedback in the “#valheim-public-test” channel in our Discord or through the PTB form on our website.Please remember to be considerate towards players who are not participating in the Public Test, as some may prefer to avoid spoilers. As indicated by the access code, please ensure to create backups of your save files before playing.This patch contains several fixes to the minimap, as well as fixes to dungeon generation and to portals.Important note if you have played the PTB patch 0.217.43:If you have removed a world and then created a new world with the same name, you will need to remove the following files from your worlds folder:[mapname]_forestMaskTexture[mapname]_heightTexture[mapname]_mapTextureDetailed Patch Notes:* Mountains above 200 in height should no longer be cut of on minimap* Changed names of minimap cache files to include “Cache”* Fixed an issue where dungeons are much smaller and has worse loot when generated* Portals are no longer connected after the connected portal is destroyed* Fixed an issue with loading threading to decrease load times* Fixed asset loading system's "operation to loader" dictionaries being reassigned multiple times *Updated Asset Bundle naming* Fixed issue with cartography table not working when reading your own pins* Fixed issue where the minimap would show the map for a previous world with the same name* Fixed issue where minimap flickers with the names of pins* Fixed issue where the files start_headless_server and steam_appid.txt were missing from the dedicated server builds* Fixed a bug that caused dungeons to be generated differently than before* Fixed worlds_local not being created correctly for cloud file sources.* Show a warning if dependencies are not installedSteam only:* Start menu scene is no longer reloaded if the client fails to determine the backend of a dedicated server.Xbox and Microsoft Store only:* Fixed a freeze when entering suspend mode* Fixed a bug that caused the game to no longer return to the start scene when entering suspend mode while hosting or being joined to a multiplayer game* Fixed an issue where friends tab on server browser did not display friend's servers at all
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